Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dresser Makeover

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I can't tell you how happy we are that we are going to home for Thanksgiving!  It has been three years since we slept in our house on Thanksgiving eve.  Blessings.

So, I am really beginning to get organized in the House of Babs.  Been a long time coming, but I'm on my way.  I finally finished my dresser.  Yippee!  I would have like to do all the bedroom furniture, but I must give my love his due - so I only did my dresser and I am happy with the results.  It actually looks fine with all the other pieces because I left the top the same as the rest of the furniture. 

Here is a before photo:
Nice, but kind of sad and outdated.  I refinished the top and cleaned up some of the old marks (my mother burned the crap out of the top with years of unattended cigarettes....).  Then I painted the rest Paris Gray.  I also spray painted all the hardware with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  Happy!


Monday, June 30, 2014

Starfish Shutters!!!

I know, wow, three posts in three days.  I'm a scarin' myself!!  But I am very excited. Just got a photo today from the folks making the shutters for HOB!  LOVE THEM!

I'm thinking of painting them Lake Placid (Ben Moore):
To go along with the siding which is Flagstone:

Beachy, right?  Me likey!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let them eat cake.

One of the things I like to do is decorate a cake.   Specifically, I always liked to make my daughter's birthday cakes.  Sometimes for a friend too. Here are a few of my past creations:
Above: Gracie's Kindergarten birthday cake.

My first attempt at fondant.  Laurence's birthday cake - for his 3rd or 4t??  It was for family.  Don't worry, I would NEVER has put this out at a kid party!!  Ha ha.  Sad, sad bow, but otherwise an okay result.

This was just about the funnest cake to make EVA!  She had six friends sleepover for one of her birthdays and this was her cake!  Bodies were twinkies, heads were marshmallows with Nilla wafers on top.  OMG.  Loved this one.

A cake I made for Mother's Day.  It was a copy of my wedding shower cake.  A little shaky on the stems!!  BTW - those are candy flowers that I ordered from Sugar Craft.  They are awesome!!

Gracie's 7th birthday cake.  I made the cake and frosted it.  Grace and Kristin decorated it.
"Grace Cute 7" - Oh how we laughed over this.  That was what she wanted on her cake.  Love her.

This was Gracie's 10 birthday cake.  It was so easy and looks SO amazing!!!  The designed areas are edible printouts you can order online!  I did make an amazing bow that I adhered the printous to, so I did do some work on it!!  We didn't want to eat it!!  But we did!
Maybe the prettiest cake I ever made, in addition to being the easiest.  The Rosette Cake.
This was for Sandralee's birthday down at the BYC.  We no sooner finished the cake when someone stole
my tuntable cake plate!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plastic Bottle Flowers...FUN

I am always needing something new to do.  I always love to paint, but just like anything sometimes you just need to spread your wings a little.  I am a HUGE fan of Dale Chihuly's glass art.  It takes my breath away and I would KILL for an original piece.  Cast your eyes on this:

He does many different forms of glass.  I first discovered his work when I was working in Manhattan.  I went to Liz Claiborne for a dress for a wedding and his glass flowers were installed all over that fabulous store, which alas, along with genious Liz, is gone now.  I was mesmerized.  My favorite works of his are his art in nature installations.  Giant glass balls floating in a Venetian canal.  Blue starburst popping up in the grass.  His works makes me so happy.!  One day when I was looking at some online photos of his work, I came across a photo of a flower that looks like his work.  It wasn't his, someone had made it.  Out of a plastic bottle!!  I began reading up on this on a bunch of the crafty bitches blogs and wow.  So cool!!  I am light years behind these ladies!  You could look at this like it was a bad thing, but it is not so!  Everyone comes up with these fabulous ideas, they do all the leg work and I get to do all the fun stuff!  With instructions!  Ha ha.  Here is my first attempt without color.  I think it's actually kind of cool just being clear.  I want to make some for my garden (when I finally have one!).  I want to mount them on copper tubing.  You could also put them on gifts, make magnets.....

Pretty cool, huh?  There's a gal on Etsy who makes truly stunning ones - like Chihuly glass.
 Peacock Brooch Bouquet jeweled wedding wand, Chihuly inspired, bridal, heart, Tiffany blue,  teal, turquoise flower,
So pretty!  From a plastic bottle!!!  I just bought some paint markers and am going to try my hand....  I'll be back!  Now go get crafty!  It's good for you!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vanity and Mirror

Howdy.  Here are some pics I just got from my friend Lisa.  I really need to find a before photo of their vanity and mirror.  The pieces are really pretty, but they were this funky yellowish orangy brown and they were just not what Lisa & Ralph had in mind.  I was happy to come to the rescue!  After looking at some of my pieces, they decided to go with Old White.  Great choice.  Here are the after photos.  As soon as I find the before...... I will post.  They are happy, I am happy!

Monday, April 28, 2014

As I was sayin'.....

A day can make a big difference.  I no sooner tell y'all that painting is on hold and voila!  I have a painting job.  Love it.  Going to pretty up a bathroom vanity and mirror for a pal.  Before and afta's coming soon! 

I also learned how to link this page to my Facebook page.  Always a good day when something new is learned. 

Nighty night.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What a difference a day makes.

Happy Easter all.  Hope you had a great day.  It was beautiful here!  Latest?  I know, I know, I promised pictures.  Tomorrow.

This past week, I quit my new job (I feel good about it, no worries mates), I began painting the card/table and chairs in the den.  I found fabulous fabric for those chairs!!  LOVE IT.  I painted my office desk.  Tomorrow.  Pictures.  Promise.  I made all new dinners!  Interesting!  Things feel good if not a bit creaky.  I am really missing my sister and my mom.  Just like crazy.  I am sad, but I'm not overun....don't know how to explain it really, I just miss them.  I don't cry or anything, but my life is soooo different without them.  Easter sucked for me.  Today was great - beautiful outside, we got a lot done, yadda, yadda, yadda, but it just wasn't Easter.  Next year, I will plan on having it here.  Perhaps I will try my hand at lamb!  Anyhoo, tomorrow begins a new week and the time has come for renewal.  I need to figure out how my life is panning out without my two best girls.  I'm lonely.  It will come.  Just going to take time.  Their's are HUGE shoes to fill.  Let's take stock every single day.  Even when your day sucks, remember all that is good. 

Okay, off the soapbox!  Off to bed now.  Tomorrow.  Pictures.  Promise.  Barbie's Dream House.